Istio resources

Calisti provides a UI in the dashboard where you can view and configure Istio custom resources with ease. Some examples of the usage of the Istio resources are traffic routing configurations, inbound and outbound mesh traffic configurations, Authorization Policy for workloads in the mesh configurations, and adding service entries.

The MENU > ISTIO RESOURCES page of the Service Mesh Manager web interface allows you to:

List Istio resources

To view the list of the Istio resources of your service mesh, navigate to MENU > ISTIO RESOURCES.

List the Istio resources List the Istio resources

For each resource, the following information is shown:

  • Name: The name of the resource.
  • Namespace: The namespace the resource belongs to.
  • Cluster: The cluster the resource belongs to. Mainly useful in multi-cluster scenarios.
  • Type: Type of the Istio custom resources. Here is a list of the resource types:
    • AuthorizationPolicy
    • DestinationRule
    • Gateway
    • IstioMeshGateway
    • PeerAuthentication
    • VirtualServices

To view the details of a particular resource, click the edit icon edit icon edit icon at the end of the row.

Filter Istio resources

To filter the Istio resources of your service mesh, navigate to MENU > ISTIO RESOURCES.

On this page, you can filter the Istio resources by Namespace in which they exist and the Type of the resource. Once you select the fields by which you need to filter the resources, the matching results are displayed.

Filter Istio resources Filter Istio resources

Note: You can filter the resources by multiple Namespace and resource Type.