Manage Istio resources

In this section, you can learn how to manage the Istio resources available in your service mesh.

Navigate to MENU > ISTIO RESOURCES to see the Istio resources in your service mesh. You can edit, delete, and validate individual Istio resources on this page.

Edit Istio resources

  1. To edit a particular Istio resource in your service mesh, click the Edit Edit Edit icon at the end of the row.

  2. Edit the selected resource, and validate the YAML.

  3. To apply the resource, click Apply.

Delete Istio resources

  1. To delete a particular Istio resource of your service mesh, click the Delete Delete Delete icon at the end of the row.

    Delete Delete

  2. If you are absolutely sure that you want to delete this resource, click Delete on the pop-up.


     Deleting the resource is irreversible and cannot be undone, as Calisti doesn't store the old resource files.

Validate Istio resources

Calisti dashboard now provides a UI to edit the Istio resources. Calisti validates the correctness of the syntax and the data types of the YAML syntactically and semantically, so you can be sure that the YAML described is a valid Istio resource.

  1. Create or edit an Istio resource.

  2. Once done editing or while editing a resource YAML, you may see some validation errors. Click the Validate Validate Validate icon; if there are any errors, then you can see the error and line number at the top of the editor.

    Validate Validate

    While validating the YAML file, you can see the lines with error are underlined. To check the error, hover over the underlined lines, an error message is displayed, as shown in the following illustrations. Validate Validate

    Validate Validate

  3. If you try to save the YAMl file with errors, then a pop-up with validation failed warning opens.
    Validation error Validation error

    To confirm your choice of continuing with errors and saving the YAML, click Confirm. Or click Cancel to fix the errors.

  4. Fix the errors and click Apply or Create to save the resource.