Observability toolbox

Service Mesh Manager includes integrated observability by default. You can make the most out of your service mesh deployments:

  • By leveraging the security and traffic management features of Istio.
  • By having access to all the monitoring and tracing features Istio is capable of.

Integrated monitoring

Service Mesh Manager includes Prometheus to ensure faster troubleshooting and recovery. For further information on our monitoring capabilities, see the Dashboard guide.

Topology view

Integrated tracing

Distributed tracing is the process of tracking individual requests throughout their whole call stack in the system.

With distributed tracing in place, you can visualize full call stacks, to see:

  • which service called which service,
  • how long each call took, and
  • the network latencies between them.

The above insights can tell where a request failed, or which service took too much time to respond.

To access traces and see real-time traffic flowing thru the cluster, see the traffic tap feature.

Traffic Tap

Automated outlier detection system

Complex systems might be hard to understand. Service Mesh Manager provides an automated (zero configuration required) outlier detection system available on the topology, workloads, and services pages of the Service Mesh Manager UI.

Outlier detection

Service Level Objectives

To ensure, and most importantly to measure the deployed workloads availability, you can use an integrated Service Level Objective (SLO) based alerting system.

For defining SLOs, see Tracking Service Level Objectives (SLOs).

For alerting settings, see SLO-based alerting in Production.