Istio-operator feature comparison

The Calisti team actively maintains its fully upstream-compatible Istio distribution and several open-source projects and integrations that serve as the basis for Cisco Service Mesh Manager. From the perspective of Istio management, the Calisti team maintains the following:

  • The Istio operator is an open source project, which is the core component involved in Istio control plane and gateway lifecycle management for Cisco Service Mesh Manager.
  • Calisti Service Mesh Manager is a commercial product that includes all the features mentioned in this guide, enterprise support, and optionally integration support for customer environments.
Istio operator Calisti Service Mesh Manager
Install Istio
Manage Istio
Upgrade Istio
Uninstall Istio
Multiple gateways support
Multi cluster support needs some manual steps fully automatic
Cert manager
OIDC authentication
VM integration
Topology graph
Outlier detection
Service Level Objectives
Live access logs
mTLS management
Gateway management
Istio traffic management
Support Community Enterprise