Command reference

The following commands are available in the smm command-line tool. If you want to uninstall Service Mesh Manager, see Cleanup and uninstall.

Cleanup and Uninstall

To remove the demo application, Service Mesh Manager, Istio, and any other components from your cluster, run the following command. It takes care of removing these components in the correct order.

$ smm uninstall -a

To delete the Service Mesh Manager operator, run:

$ helm del --purge smm-operator


smm activate

smm activate-ecr

smm analyze

smm cert-manager

smm cert-manager install

smm cert-manager uninstall

smm clouddoor

smm clouddoor install

smm clouddoor uninstall

smm config

smm config delete

smm config edit

smm config view

smm dashboard

smm demoapp

smm demoapp install

smm demoapp load

smm demoapp load start

smm demoapp load stop

smm demoapp uninstall

smm graph

smm install

smm istio

smm istio cluster

smm istio cluster attach

smm istio cluster detach

smm istio cluster status

smm istio install

smm istio outbound-traffic-policy

smm istio overview

smm istio uninstall

smm license

smm license apply

smm license list

smm license remove

smm login

smm operator

smm operator reconcile

smm registry

smm registry add

smm registry ecr

smm registry list

smm registry override

smm registry override reset

smm registry override set

smm registry override status

smm registry reconcile

smm registry remove

smm sdm

smm sdm cluster

smm sdm cluster kafka-connect

smm sdm cluster kafka-connect create

smm sdm cluster kafka-connect delete

smm sdm cluster kafka-connect get

smm sdm cluster kafka-connect update

smm sdm cluster kafka-connector

smm sdm cluster kafka-connector

smm sdm cluster kafka-connector

smm sdm cluster kafka-connector delete

smm sdm cluster kafka-connector get

smm sdm cluster update

smm sdm mirror-maker2

smm sdm prometheus

smm sdm zookeeper

smm sidecar-proxy

smm sidecar-proxy auto-inject

smm sidecar-proxy auto-inject off

smm sidecar-proxy auto-inject on

smm sidecar-proxy egress

smm sidecar-proxy egress recommend

smm tap

smm uninstall

smm version