Delete old Istio control plane

After upgrading Calisti to a new version that includes a new minor or major Istio version, you can delete the old Istio control plane if it’s not needed anymore.


Before deleting the old Istio control plane, make sure that:

  • The new control plane is working as expected with your applications.


  1. Open the Service Mesh Manager dashboard and navigate to the MAIN MENU > MESH page.

  2. Verify that you have migrated every application to use the new control plane. This means that no Pods are attached to the old Istio control plane (the number of proxies for the old control plane should be 0).

  3. Delete the old Istio control plane:

    kubectl delete istiocontrolplanes -n istio-system cp-v113x

Note: Deleting the prometheus-smm-prometheus-x pod erases historic timeline data. To persist timeline data for Prometheus rollout, see Set up Persistent Volumes for Prometheus.