Streaming Data Manager

Cisco Streaming Data Manager (Streaming Data Manager) is the deployment tool for setting up and operating production-ready Apache Kafka clusters on Kubernetes, leveraging a Cloud Native technology stack. Streaming Data Manager includes Zookeeper, Koperator, Envoy, and many other components hosted in a managed service mesh. All components are automatically installed, configured, and managed in order to operate a production-ready Kafka cluster on Kubernetes.

Cisco Streaming Data Manager is specifically built to run and manage Apache Kafka on Kubernetes. Other solutions use Kubernetes StatefulSets to run Apache Kafka, but this approach is not really suitable for Apache Kafka. Streaming Data Manager is based on simple Kubernetes resources (Pods, ConfigMaps, and PersistentVolumeClaims), allowing a much more flexible approach that makes possible to:

  • Modify the configuration of unique Brokers: you can configure every Broker individually.
  • Remove specific Brokers from clusters.
  • Use multiple Persistent Volumes for each Broker.
  • Do rolling upgrades without data loss or service disruption.