Create user

Starting with Streaming Data Manager version 1.7.0, you can create Kafka users from the Streaming Data Manager web interface. To create a new user, complete the following steps. If you do not want to create the user from the web interface, you can use the KafkaUser custom resource to create users.

  1. Open the Streaming Data Manager web interface and select MENU > ACL > Kafka users.

  2. Select Create new user .

  3. Enter a name for the user. The name must follow the DNS label standard as defined in RFC 1123. The name must:

    • contain at most 63 characters
    • contain only lowercase alphanumeric characters or ‘-’
    • start with an alphanumeric character
    • end with an alphanumeric character
  4. Select the Namespace where you want to create the user.

    Add user name Add user name

  5. Enter the name of the Kubernetes secret that will store the certificate of the user. Streaming Data Manager automatically generates the certificate into this secret when the user is created.

  6. (Optional) By default, Streaming Data Manager creates the certificate of the user in PEM format. To make the certificate available also in Java keystore (JKS) format, select Include JKS.

  7. (Optional) If you want to add Kubernetes annotations, enter the Key and Value of the annotation, then select Add. The annotation shows up under the Annotations field.

    Add user annotation Add user annotation

    Repeat this step to add other annotations. To delete an annotation, select X next to the annotation.

  8. Select Create.

    After the new user is created, it appears in the list of users on the MENU > ACL > Kafka users page.