Role dashboard

The MENU > ACL > Roles page on the Streaming Data Manager web interface shows information about your ACL Roles.

Note: This page describes the ACL component of the Streaming Data Manager dashboard. To learn more about how ACLs work in Streaming Data Manager, see Declarative Kafka ACLs.

If you have multiple Apache Kafka clusters, select the one to show from the CLUSTER field.

Roles list Roles list

For each Role, the web interface displays the following information.

  • NAME: The name of the Role resource.
  • REFERENCED BY: The total amount of KafkaACLs that use the Role.

Click on a role to display its details.

Role details

The details view of the Role displays the following information.

  • USED BY: The KafkaACL objects that reference the Role. Click a KafkaACL to navigate to the specific KafkaACL.

Role details Role details

YAML of a Role resource

Click MENU > ACL > Roles > [Role] > YAML to display the YAML Kubernetes object of the Role. Select Hide managed fields to hide Kubernetes-related managed fields. The following information is displayed.

Topic details Topic details