Koperator (formerly called Banzai Cloud Kafka operator) is a core part of Cisco Streaming Data Manager that helps you create production-ready Apache Kafka cluster on Kubernetes, with scaling, rebalancing, and alerts based self healing. While the Koperator itself is an open-source project, the Cisco Streaming Data Manager product extends the functionality of the Koperator with commercial features (for example, declarative ACL handling, built-in monitoring, and multiple ways of disaster recovery). Read a detailed comparison of Streaming Data Manager and the Koperator .

Community support

If you encounter problems while using Koperator the documentation does not address, open an issue or talk to us in our Slack channel #kafka-operator.

Commercial support

If you are using Koperator in a production environment and require commercial support, contact Cisco, the company backing the development of Koperator .