Common CLI issues

This page is a collection of troubleshooting tips. For high-level questions about Service Mesh Manager, see the generic FAQ.

Why am I getting timed out waiting for the condition error to smm install command?

If any of the smm commands exits with an error stating timed out waiting for the condition, it is very likely that the cluster has insufficient resources for the components. You can check this by running kubectl get pod --all-namespaces and checking if there are any pods in Pending state. Use kubectl describe pod -n $namespace $pod to check the exact reason.

Add nodes or extra resources (wait for them to become ready in kubectl get nodes), and re-run the command that failed. It should succeed now.

Why am I getting timed out waiting for the condition error to smm attach command?

For the smm attach command, besides the frequent insufficient resources issue, the timeout can happen for network connectivity issues as well. If you have network restrictions applied to your clusters, make sure to check out the Network connectivity requirements section in the multi-cluster docs to provide the necessary networking access for your clusters.

Opening Grafana or Jaeger causes RBAC access denied error

If you have installed Service Mesh Manager in Anonymous mode, you won’t be able to access the Metrics and Traces dashboards from the UI. Clicking the Open metrics in Grafana or Open Jaeger tracing icon in anonymous mode causes the RBAC: access denied error message.