Calisti support-bundle is the data collection tool for gathering information related to Calisti resources. It collects data about the Kubernetes cluster from custom resources and pod logs.


  • Calisti installed on a Kubernetes cluster.

  • Set the $KUBECONFIG environment variable. By default, kubectl checks the ~/.kube/config file for a Kubernetes context.

    To check if the cluster is up, run the following command:

    kubectl get pods -A

    All the pods running in the cluster are listed.

Generate a support-bundle

  1. Download the support-bundle CLI binary. For details, see Accessing Calisti binaries.

  2. To generate a support bundle, navigate to the directory where you downloaded the binary, then run the following command:



    start generating support-bundle...
    completed generating support-bundle, file name: support-bundle.tgz 

    Generating the support-bundle may take a while. The output is a single archive file called support-bundle.tgz containing a manifest file. The archive is saved on your local machine in the same path as the binary.

  3. To see the log files for the Calisti resources on your Kubernetes cluster, extract the archive. You can see the various directories of the namespaces in Calisti and the resource types whose data is collected.

Note: We are mindful of the sensitive data that can be collected about the secret resources in the logs. That is why by default we have disabled collecting sensitive data in the secret manifest files, like user credentials, or secret tokens.